Minneapolis Entréepreneur is Retiring

Minneapolis Entréepreneur is a food blog that I created in October 2013 to highlight my food experiences in the Twin Cities and beyond.

My photos have over 4.2 million Google views. That’s pretty impressive 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 and I love me for that, LOL.

If you’ve read this much, you’re getting to the good part.

This is my formal announcement that I am retiring the Minneapolis Entréepreneur blog and IG account.

It’s been a beautiful journey.

I’ve met and worked with some amazing, talented folks in the food industry.

THANK YOU to each one of you who have been rocking with me since Day 1 and to those who came on board more recently.

I have one more project to complete before the chapter is officially over.

I hope food continues to bring you joy and that you support your local food businesses.

✌🏾 & ❤️


Vegan Black Eyed Peas

Creating flavor in your vegan dishes without using meat is quite easy.

I always start with cooking down onion, garlic, and tomato. I add the stock (use veggie stock or create your own using vegetable Better Than Bouillon) followed by all of the dry seasoning that I like.

I use: (all from Trader Joe’s)
21 Seasoning Salute
Smoked Paprika
Italian Style Soffrito
South African Smoke
Bay Leaves
Southwest Chipotle- Good & Gather

The African Smoke has salt but the other seasonings do not, so I go really heavy on them all.

Cut up some jalapeño if you’d like an extra kick of spice.

Honestly,  just use whatever dry seasoning that you like. You can’t go wrong. Just don’t go heavy on any Italian Seasoning. The Soffito seasoning has just the right blend. Just don’t over do it.

After your beans( this can be used for any dry beans you cook) are done, taste them and see how much salt it actually needs.

Use salt to enhance the flavor that you have created. NOT to season!

Use quinoa instead of rice or eat all by themselves.

Thank YOU – Minneapolis Entréepreneur 10 Year Anniversary Celebration is SOLD OUT!

The Minneapolis Entréepreneur 10 Year Anniversary Celebration is SOLD OUT!

Thank you for being a part of this memorable occasion.

I am beyond excited but ready to get this over with at the same time LOL.

Event planning is not for the weak!

Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this event happen!

Advellum, EaTo, The Dripping Root, Soul Bowl MN, Fearless Commerce, The Vision Investment Coaching & Consulting Firm

The Rock Star Caterer’s Chelles’ Kitchen, LLC & Root To Rise and the gorgeous venue, Glass House MN.

Minneapolis Entréepreneur Turn 10

In October 2012, I created Minneapolis Entréepreneur blog as a way to share the plethora of photos that I had taken of food over the years.

So many folks encouraged me to start a blog, so I did.

I purchased the domain, I created the blog, and began documentating my food experiences in the Twin Cities.

Many of you have learned about restaurants and Twin Cities happenings through Minneapolis Entréepreneur.

Many of you have been exposed to black owned restaurants in the Twin Cities through Minneapolis Entréepreneur.

The journey has been incredible. I’ve met so many wonderful chefs, restaurant owners and staff along the way.

I’ve been blessed to be in kitchen spaces, capturing behind the scenes footage and doing what I love, photographing food and eating the food LOL.

In addition, I’ve been able to consistently secure social media contract work with a variety of business owners and non-profit organizations across the cities. Some are food related, some are not.

To be doing this for 10 years, is worthy of a celebration.

On October 16, we celebrate the Minneapolis Entréepreneur decade.


The Market at Malcolm Yards

Malcolm Yards is a fabulous food hall located in SE Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota.

You can grab a bite to eat from the nine food vendors and sip libations from the Boxcar Bar or the Self-Pour Tap Wall.

My favorite vendors are Advellum which has a vegetable inspired menu and Momo Dosa with their flavorful steamed dumplings.

There is plenty of parking in the back of the building and an outdoor patio. The inside is huge and they can also accommodate private events.

Slammin Salmon- Advellum
Veggie Momo – Momo Dosa
Boomer Burger – Advellum

Not so Shrimp Taco

My body feels best when it’s free from dairy. Although I don’t eat land animals, I do consume cheese intermittently and other food items that contain dairy.

I know good and well these items don’t respond well in my body so I have to intentionally make better daily food decisions.

Eating a plant-based diet has encouraged me to explore foods that I never cared for, specifically mushrooms.

If you’re interested in a plant-based diet and don’t want the processed foods, try Seed Cafe.

Seed Cafe is located in the strip mall across from Whole Foods by Bde Make Ska.

This taco:
Fresh avocado, fajita grilled shrimp, lime, spicy crema, cherry tomatoes, pickled cabbage, warm flour tortillas. The shrimp is made of an amazing protein source, the humble mung bean.

How does it taste? Would I order it again?

I love the freshness from the avocado and cabbage. I could eat this as a salad, without the tortilla. The mung bean mimics the shrimp texture well. I forgot what they use to give it the shrimp flavor but it’s very mild. Not overwhelming.

I’d definitely try this again. There’s nothing that I have eaten from Seed Cafe that I didn’t like.

Try their wellness lattes, smoothies and the tempeh BLT.

Grubbing at Khâluna

Khâluna is a beautiful woman owned Laotian restaurant on the southside of Minneapolis.

I have dined twice at Khâluna and both times, I have had an outstanding dining experience.

We tried Sakoo and Shrimp Rolls for appetizer & Mango Fish and Yellow Curry for entrée dishes.

There are tons of vegan options. Make sure to ask if you desire any special requests.

Not only is the food beautifully plated but the flavors are impeccable.

The entire restaurant is a vibe. Tall plants explore their outdoor patio and the inside aesthetics are reminiscent of being at a high end resort.

Reservations are recommended but 1st come seating is always available at the bar.

*For dessert, try the mango spiced cake.

Sooki and Mimi – Uptown

Lachelle: Let’s go to Sooki and Mimi!
Me: Yessssss!!!!

They are located in Uptown, offering a prix fixe three course dining experience.

A prix fixe menu is a type of menu that offers a multi-course meal for a fixed price.

We were able to select one item from each course and share it with each other.

I have never given a restaurant a 5* review, but after my dining experience at Sooki and Mimi, I may change my mind.


The restaurant gives me all of the feels of California. There are chili peppers posed as decor being dried in various spaces.

And …

I love restaurants that aesthetically make me feel like I am not in Minnesota.

And …

I enjoy food that brings me complete satisfaction, bite after bite where the flavors never leave your palette, like coffee breath.

And …

The service was impeccable. Nicholas was not only knowledgeable of the menu but very attentive and pleasant.

But let’s get into the deets of the menu and how beautiful each dish is.



• gravlax tostada

charred scallion cream cheese, everything bagel spice, capers, pico verde


• hominy grits and prawns

new caledonia blue prawns, salsa macha, fennel


• fish tacos

nopales, red cabbage slaw, avocado morita salsa, cilantro



• frida salad

grilled radicchio, seasonal greens, cucumber, smoked labneh, cashew tahini, dukkah, soft egg*


• tamal

yellow squash, pipián, queso fresco, gremolata, salsa morita


• mushroom birria tacos

confit maitake, queso chihuahua, shiitake crema, vegetable consommé


• satsuma cream puff

yogurt creme diplomate, orange curd

• korean sweet potato mochi donuts

dulce de leche, chocolate mousse


Cilantro Sour

shochu, sherry, cilantro, pink peppercorn

✅ Make a reservation for best accommodations.
✅ The bar is available; first come, first serve and offers a bar menu.
✅ Bring a friend or two so that you can share.
✅ Try going before sunset. The restaurant is pretty dim. If you want to take pics, you’ll need adequate lighting.
✅ There is a cool basement bar that you can access thru the alley. There is no indication that you are going into the basement. Just open the white-ish door and head downstairs. They serve crafted spirits while playing 70s music from a turn table. No mic.

Sanjusan – North Loop

My new favorite restaurant is this Japanese-Italian spot located in North Loop.

If you wanna feel like you’re not in MN 🤣🤣🤣, this is the spot.

The playlist is dope. They bump unedited Drake, Biggie, Lil Kim, Bryson Tiller and more.

The food is incredible. The flavors are deep and balanced. I’ve been twice already LOL.

My favorite dish so far is FETTUCCINE AI UNI which is a snow crab pasta dish with serrano and basil.

There is also a quaint Japanese whiskey bar upstairs called Gori Gori Peku and a sushi bar across the hall that offers an orchestrated dining experience called Kado no Mise.

All three spaces are extremely intimate and service is impeccable 👌🏾 .

Reservations are recommended but walking in will only get you a spot during non peak times.

Kitchen + Kocktails Chicago

When I first heard about the newly opened Kitchen + Kocktails in Chicago, I immediately went to Open Table to book a reservation. Their grand opening on October 1st was so highly anticipated that their reservations are completely booked thru October and November.

I perused Open Table for every date and every time that was available to choose from and there was no availability. None!

Then I sent one of the IG posts to my daughter who lives in Chicago and she replied back, “I have reservations for the 11th.”

So me being me and often traveling to Chicago for the day just to eat good food, went on the good old internet in search of flights. I couldn’t find a decent flight so I decided that I would opt out and try again in a few months.

Well a few days had passed and I decided to keep checking flights. 💥 BOOM, found a reasonable flight and booked it.

Now after stalking their IG page, I decided on the fried catfish, yams and mac and cheese. This is literally my favorite soul food combination especially when the yams and mac and cheese meet. My goodness. I had my mouth all set.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why I am writing this review. Be patient and enjoy the ride.

Kitchen + Kocktails is a Black owned restaurant. I have this undeniable desire to support Black folks no matter what. Especially businesses that are owned and operated by Black people.

Upon entering the establishment, there is a beautiful flower wall with the Kitchen and Kocktails logo on it. Of course I took a photo because we do it for the Gram so that everyone will know we were there.

Now I was not immediately greeted. Everyone seemed to be busy doing something but I was ok with that and admired the all Black staff and all of the black patrons. I was just excited to be there.

After checking in I was told that the entire party needed to be there in order to be seated. Keep in mind, this restaurant in downtown Chicago, its 4:20 pm and raining cats and dogs outside. But no biggie, I understand that because some restaurants adhere to that policy.

I used the time to examine the ambiance of the restaurant, take a few photos and order two drinks at the bar that totaled $69. Slurp!

The Obama portrait was dope as well as the affirmation wall located on the bar side. The swing added another nice touch because again, we know that we love taking pictures for the Gram.

After being seated in the bar area, we understand immediately that this was going to be somewhat of a party. The music was loud and the tunes were very club like. After a few Kocktails, you will definitely get to bopping your shoulders and screaming Ayyyyyyeeeee!

Our server KC welcomed us and began taking our drink and appetizer orders. He also informed us that it was his first day on the job. KC was very cordial but uneducated on the menu items.

My daughter and her two friends ordered the gumbo for their appetizer and we also ordered crab cakes and shrimp with deviled eggs.

About 15 minutes later, KC returned and said the kitchen 86 the gumbo because they didn’t have anymore crab legs and that they wouldn’t serve it without it. I asked if he could request a sample for them just to taste it so he scurried off to inquire. Roughly 5 minutes later, three bowls of gumbo with the crab knuckles included were delivered to the table.

We all looked at each other and concocted our own story as to where the crab came from because KC mentioned that some crab had just come in. Come in from where? Added to the gumbo how? 🤣🤣

Those crab knuckles had marinated in the gumbo roux. They weren’t just added. But anyway. They said the gumbo was spicy but lacked the flavor that you get from using gumbo file.

Crash! Shatter! BOOM!

DAMN! Another server dropped a glass or something similar. All night long, things were shattering left and right. It’s not funny but damn. Oh and the floors are marble, take on moisture and are very slippery. You can literally stand still and your feet will just glide apart. A few folks had to be caught from falling.

The owner is an attorney so hopefully he addresses this concern immediately. The floors are not safe and I see lots of lawsuits occurring if some rugs are not placed down immediately but I digress.

Back to the food.

The crab cakes were good, meaty, void of the extra fillers and the accompanying remoulade had just enough spice.

The shrimp on the deviled eggs were extremely salty and the egg filling was a little too sweet. The shrimp were served cold. I wasn’t a fan at all.

We’ve already placed our dinner order and expecting it to arrive soon.

Well here comes KC to inform us that the catfish has been 86 and he’s so sorry. It’s been about 25 minutes at this point since we placed this order. Three of us are waiting for catfish.

Sigh 😕.

I am literally thinking that I flew all the way to Chicago for some catfish and they ran out. I’m not Joe Jackson mad but more like “What you talking about Willis” upset.

Remember, the catfish, yams and mac and cheese are my most favorite combo.

Well Nicole, you can’t have it so choose something else. Something like fried shrimp, pork chops, smothered chicken, bla bla bla and all these others things that I don’t eat.

So I decide to get the $35 lobster tail. I wasn’t tripping on the price until it arrived – about two minutes after ordering. Not sure how but I’ll take it.

The lobster tail was the size of my index and middle finger touching. I’m guessing four ounces max.

Crash! Shatter! BOOM!

More glasses shattering 🤣🤣🤣.

So now two of us have food. The other two do not. We’re being patient while enjoying each other as well as the club music loudly blasting from the nearby speaker.

I’m at the point that I am attempting to ascertain why this lobster tail is $35 and why is everything a la carte and why are the sides thirteen damn dollars and why a whole bunch of other things too. I am also attempting to ascertain why they decided to use so much salt on the lobster tail and why the mac and cheese was so dry and missing the main component taste and texture of the cheese.

Now here’s the crazy part 🤪. Ten minutes into me eating my food, an order identical to mine came from the kitchen. I explained that everyone has their food. The server looked perplexed and the other servers did too as they try to determine what table the plate needs to go to. Then here comes more sides. Nope we have all of our food. Then a side of mac and cheese comes out to our table. Again, we explain that we have all of our items.

I kid you not.
Crash! Shatter! BOOM!

More dishes or glassware fall to the slippery floor. A “caution wet floor” sandwich board remained by the bar area during the duration of our visit.

KC was great. He did the best he could with the little knowledge that he had. One thing he didn’t do was offer any sort of accommodation or complimentary dessert but instead asked us if we wanted to order dessert. He knew we were disappointed 😞 but didn’t offer anything to make things better.

One of the things I really disliked was that no one in management came to our table to address our concerns or to even thank us for dining with them.

Oh and we found pieces of a paper ticket underneath the fried shrimp. You ever see restaurants place their ticket on the plate as it’s being prepared? They do this to keep track of what goes on the plate. We brought it to KC’s attention and it was removed from the bill.

What went well:
1. KC was great. I’m not sure if he had future serving experience but we liked him.
2. The yams and crab cake cakes were delicious.
3. The music was bomb but can be a turn off to older guests who want to dine in. Honestly, it’s not restaurant music. It’s club music.

My hopes is that they address the following :
1. Properly train kitchen staff to understand inventory flow and how to determine when items have shortages.
2. Place runners throughout the restaurant. The floors are extremely slippery. Someone will fall and injure themselves.
3. Update the website to reflect accurate pricing and accurate food descriptions. We were over charged on every item that is on our tab.
4. Create opportunities for guests to leave feedback. Even on the website, there is no option to share your dining experience.
5. Inform guests that paying with cash will be less than the total bill. How? I have no idea. I’ve done the math and still can’t figure out why cash is less.
6. Advise guests that there is a mandatory 20% gratuity charged to all tabs no matter how many guests. When I purchased the drinks at the bar, 20% was added to the bill and I tipped an additional 15% without knowing. No way I would have left another tip. This needs to be told to each guest. Seems pretty unethical to me.
7. I understand leasing a space downtown Chicago is probably sky high. However, $13 for a small side and $35 for a 4 oz lobster tail is high way robbery. I will never forgive them for this 🤣.
8. Lay off the salt.
9. Create a better playlist. Not everyone wants to listen to Rick Ross and R Kelly while eating dinner. The music was way too loud. We could barely hear each other at our table.

I will conclude with this.

I dine out quite frequently. I’ve eaten at fine dining restaurants as well as dive bars and food trucks. Impeccable service will trump a poor food experience any day. You can fix the food but most times poor service is activated in the wait staff and management and I’m not sure you can fix adults who work in service but choose to serve poorly.

I didn’t feel warm and fuzzy. I didn’t feel very valued and I didn’t feel satisfied or that anyone cared if I returned or not.

It’s understood that everyone has a different pallette. Mine is a bit more refined because I’ve had access to unique dining experiences as well as being fed by local Chefs throughout the Twin Cities.

The reason that I do not give restaurants 5 stars is because that indicates that you’ve never had a meal better than that or that’s the best or one of the best meals you’ve ever had. We have to be careful of this behavior and these types of reviews.

I wish Kitchen + Kocktails the very best. I would possibly return again in a few months to see if they have made any adjustments but I’m definitely not catching more flights.

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