Fig + Farro Revised

I’m elated to announce that Fig + Farro is a fully plant based restaurant now. Besides a few menu struggles here and there, they have been open a full year which is a huge accomplishment especially coming behind many failed restaurants in that same space.

Today I had lunch with my nonvegan friend Maria. She was open to trying plant based food but had her nose frowned up the entire time.

We eased her in with the jackfruit tacos. I knew the flavors would be common to her palate. Maria was pleasantly surprised. She enjoyed the taco as well as the spinach and farro soup that accompanied it.

I tried the new breakfast sammie. House made english muffin, tomato tahini, chickpea fritter, plant based sausage and arugula.

It needed a little salt and pepper and more sausage. Otherwise … really really delicious and filling.