Curry cauliflower rice with shrimp and veggies

Curry cauliflower rice with shrimp and veggies

Click on this picture to take you to cauliflower rice recipe. Add curry powder to rice this time. Sauté shrimp in EVOO, season with no salt jerk seasoning. Sauté spinach, peppers and onions also in EVOO. Combine all ingredients. Serve.

Raku at West End

Raku at West End

Raku is the next restaurant to join The West End conglomerate. They call themselves an upscale Japanese fusion restaurant. The menu consists of traditional sashimi, hand rolled sushi, tempura, and some flavorful fish and chicken entrees. The prices are average for a sushi spot. Entrees aprox $20. The decor is extremely simple and cozy and I absolutely love the red chairs and fish dangling from the ceiling. Much sexier than their 50th & France location. I wish them well … especially being neighbors with the popular Crave, who has great sushi too by the way.