Say No to Leftovers

After the very long Thanksgiving weekend; it’s time to get back on track and put some clean food into my system. The best way is always to prepare meals at home but if you are busy and on the go; Macys downtown Minneapolis has the freshest vegetable selection for a low calorie meal.

Thinking of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thinking of what to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Should I make a few sweet potato pies? Of course I should! But because I like everything fresh, I will make another stop tomorrow. But, last weeks find was the Short Stack pancake syrup. It has 60g of sugar and 240 calories per 2 fl oz. Boy oh Boy!!! This is why I normally use the Trader Joe’s house whip (30 calories and 2g of sugar per 2 Tbsp) and fresh strawberries. Treat yourself sometimes!

Red Drank

RED drank aka cherry or strawberry kool-aid. Lo-Lo’s chicken & Waffles serves this up in mason jars. Don’t ask me why. This is usually typical of Southerner’s who serve sweet tea. Lo-Lo’s is a semi-hole-in-the-wall located in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. The catfish and chicken are well seasoned and the greens are pork-free. This spot is so good that I made a special trip for a to-go plate during a layover to Minneapolis.