Lobster Fried Rice at Que Viet

Friday was my very first time at Que Viet. I’ve always heard they have the best Vietnamese food in MN but I’ve never made my way over there until now.

Every Friday during Lent they are featuring lobster fried rice as a special. **Only at the NE location.

I don’t know what it is about their fried rice. It taste like they grilled it. It has a bit of a smoke flavor. That’s a FANTASTIC thing.

The serving size is enough to share with a friend unless you’re greedy like me.

I was impressed with the amount of lobster in the dish. It was sweet, succulent and not overcooked.

I can’t wait to go back again next Friday😉. I also want to try another dish.

Great service. Great food. Bad parking 😊


It seems like Minneapolis has stepped its vegan game all the way up … from national chains to local restaurants.

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