A night with Chef Pierre Thiam

In the kitchen … Journey with Chef Pierre Thiam from Dakar to Charleston: A night of Trans-Atlantic Culinary Exploration. 
Special thank you to Lachelle Cunningham and Breaking Bread Catering & Staff for welcoming me in their space to watch them prepare and serve Chef Pierre’s signature dishes. 
I was completely in awe of how patient, passionate and professional everyone was in the kitchen. It was truly humbling to witness the tremendous team work that was put into creating this meal.

IG Worthy Dinner 

Are you a foodie who loves taking pictures of your food to share with friends and followers on Instagram? #swipeleft to see my snippets for the night📸

#FireLakeMOA hosted an Instagram-Worthy Dinner with the Twin Cities’ most influential Instagram food star, Kim Ly Curry @kimlycurry. 
We enjoyed a 5 course meal paired with beverages prepared by Chef Dinesh Jayawardena. At the end of the event, Ms. Curry and Chef Dinesh judged all Instagram photos posted with#IGworthydinner, and one lucky winner was chosen @mrs_yoshikawa who won a one night stay at Radisson Blu Mall of America.