Breakfast today. What day is it?

Breakfast today. What day is it?

Not sure what cycle I am on but I have still been eating clean with the exception of a few cheat days to curb my insanity. I have a lot of people inquiring about The 17 day diet so this week I will put together a few survival tips.

Scrambled egg whites (one yoke) spinach, peppers, onions, chicken breast, salsa. Cup of raspberries. Greek yogurt with sugar free jam and chia seeds.

17 day diet

17 day diet

Day 2 Breakfast . 4 egg whites with spinach and tomatoes. White tuna. Scramble 4 egg whites. Lightly spray pan with olive oil spray. Add egg whites, handful of spinach and cut Roma tomatoes or cut cherry tomatoes. Scramble. Top with fat free feta cheese and Green olive tapenade (Trader Joe’s) … Use any tuna in a can with water. Season to taste. Try to avoid salt.  Use a seasoning blend that does not contain salt.